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Schinousa Travel Guide

Schinoussa is a small island in the Cyclades with an area of ​​only 9.5 square kilometers. It belongs to the eastern Cyclades, and is bounded to the south of Naxos and northeast of Heraclea. With a population of just 206 inhabitants, the island is a favorite tourist destination for a quiet holiday.

The island keeps unchanged the Cycladic color, with houses of Chora, one of the major settlements of the island, built on a hill. Messaria, the second largest settlement on the island is only 3 km from the town. The port is Mersini, just 1.2 km from the mainland.

Schinoussa is ideal for relaxation. People who visit can enjoy the tranquility of the landscape which springs from the blue beaches. The hospitality of the people gives a warmth to visitors who enjoy the natural beauty of the island. Because of the large tourist traffic in recent years the island's infrastructure can no longer satisfy the most demanding guests.