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Grispos Villas Schinoussa Island - Schinousa Sightseeing


* LAOGAFIKO MOUSIO: This visit is needed, one that through the halls to see the rural past of the island and old icons, traditional costumes, a wonderful wood oven in the yard and dozens of agricultural tools, which today are almost forgotten what work they did. Remind us, however, the carefully arranged with explanatory signs.

* The Church of the Presentation of Mary: It is the center of tourism in the double ropes and the big blue dome stand out from everywhere. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Akathist Hymn, while inside the temple houses the image of Our Lady of Akathi, which shows the Virgin Mary in a rare display of the Akathist Hymn. Once, he says, a pirate from Mani came to ropes to rob for piracy. Choose a location for the robbery of the church "Gross Lady". At the time of the robbery but saw the picture and thought she was watching him then (have noticed some pictures that are painted so that their eyes seemed to look that wherever you go ;). Pissed and he pulled out guns and shot the picture and tapped. Now he, after taking its prey went to leave the road and slipped and fell down next to a cave and killed. They say that on the burned and blackened where the cave, and even the rocks are black. The cave is located near the beach, beside the well, just above the harbor. Since then named "The Cave of Mani".

* THE CHURCH OF EYAGGELISTRIAS: Located near the entrance to the village of Messaria. Bivalve has an elaborate bell tower built by craftsman Santorini. The church was probably built in that position earlier in 1887. His image adorns the Annunciation with the temple and beautiful colored pictures of the old church.

* CASTLE OF PROPHET ELIAS: Located at the top (120 m) of the hill. Archaeological research has revealed that: the fortress occupies an area 90CH17 meter high, with large boulders on both sides and a core of small stones and earth. In cleaning junk found in the southern part of the lip was large bowl. Identified two towers, one in the Northeast and one on the south side of the acropolis, many walls inside the buildings and single occupancy royal ruins, covered by later construction, while older preserved wall, adjacent to the apse. The surface shells of different eras, prehistoric, Hellenistic and Roman, particularly on the west slope of the hill, where they were taking many amphorae without seal. Importantly, confirmed visual contact between the two forts.

* EVENTS: The Annunciation, on March 25 is celebrated with a parade in Messaria, theatrical performance by school children and offer food to the church yard. The feast of Our Lady of Akathi (Akathist Hymn, movable holiday), celebrated the day after the last Friday of the Salutations to the Virgin offer dining and dancing with traditional musical instruments. Lady In the beautiful houses and the church of Panagia Akathi, named after the rare representation of the image of Our Lady of the Akathist Hymn. The pilgrims come mid-August and the surrounding islands. In Schinoussa prevalent habit many girls get the name of Mary (Gross). The cultural events of August made in cooperation of the clubs on the island and the Municipal community presentations of traditional dances by the dance groups, musicians and traditional photography exhibitions, film screenings, the day of children (where they can do whatever they want), celebration of fava beans ( from 2011) in collaboration of all stakeholders and the church.

The Assumption, celebrated on August 15 by offering food in the church hall and the evening with traditional dances in the shops on the island. The festival lasts 2 days, begins on the eve of August 15th and ends the next morning to hit the bells for the celebration of the church.

The feast of St. Nicholas on December 6, in the chapel of the lighthouse tender cod with garlic sauce and in the church yard. The transport is by boat from the harbor. On Easter day, the islanders gathered in the square and play "Billy", a traditional game similar to "bowling". Feast of St. Philaret, St. Anthony (celebrated separately) and the feast of St. Nektarios. On 1 December, which celebrates Saint Philaret made special celebration which will ensure Father Philaret (monk of the monastery on Amorgos) and its inhabitants worship Schinoussa.

* NATURE-ENVIRONMENT: The land is hilly, the tallest peak Mill (133m.) making it ideal for walking, although the island is not an organized network of trails. Any walker and get you through some beautiful and cozy nook. The countryside is sweet and full of sandy beaches are hugs, peninsulas and capes, while the entire island is part of the network Natura 2000, and hosts numerous endemic plants and Cycladic an important migratory station for many migratory birds.

* Beaches: The island has 24 beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, most with fine sand and shade, which promise total relaxation in a virgin environment by human intervention. However, do not rush to register Schinoussa as a place for romantics and lovers only. If you love action, the island offers many options for exploring, hiking trails that traverse amazing landscapes but also for water sports like fishing and surfing, but if you like diving, pokilomorfia the bottom of the rope would impress you.

The beaches you can visit are:

-Tsigoura: The nearest 450m from the country., Five minutes walk away, sandy (length 350 m.) With large trees. Free sunbeds and a beach bar as well as the complex Grispos Villas except where accommodation is store food, drinks, tickets and travel agency store. The dirt road is in good condition.

-LEA: It is 850 meters. the country, ten minutes walk away, sandy (length 230m). with trees, with accommodation and food and beverage outlets.

-THOLARIA: After Livadi beach and along the shoreline, on the right side you will find the beach Tholaria. It is 5 minutes walk from Livadia beach-there is a path leading to it and has no trees.

ALIGARIA 1:1700-m around the country, thirteen-minute walk, with a nice sandy bottom, with no trees. Difficulty in approach. Dirt.

Or 2-ALIGARIA GKAGKAVI: Small beach 2.2 km from the country, eighteen-minute walk and 60m. path (length 30 m.), with caves without trees.

Or 3-ALIGARIA KAMPOS: Small beach (40m length. Approximately) 2.6 km from the country, twenty five minute walk, dirt road. He composes with sand and rocks ideal for snorkeling underwater.

-LIOLIOU: Relatively small beach 2.7 km from the country, dirt road, about thirty minutes away, sandy with accommodation and food and beverage store. There are trees.

-Bazeos: It is the continuation of the beach with intermediate Lioliou rocky coast (length about 80 m) is 2.8 km from the country, the same distance as the previous one, about thirty minutes away. There are no trees.

-ALMYROS: Great beach with shallow waters ideal for children, with sandy sandy bottom (350 m approx.) With a few rocks in about half the length of the beach is divided in two. At the rear and a depth of 100 meters around a snack bar. It has trees and is 2 kilometers from the country. Approximately fifteen minutes away.

-Trade: Following the path from the end of the beach Almyros, about 150 meters away, will come from the side of the peninsula, the beach of Pori. The beach is small, contains a small piece of sand and the entire surrounding area is rocky. The special feature is a large cave, where you can enjoy your lunch sleep.

-Fountana: Relatively small beach 1.5 km from the country, twelve-minute walk, dirt road, with small trees, sandy and rocky beach (length 40 m approx.)

Groove-POPE: private a la carte beach for those who arrived first, ideal for snorkeling, dirt road, 3 km. the country until the Psili Amos and then continues the path of 350 m is about thirty to forty minutes away, without trees (length about 15 m).

SAND-PSILI: Beautiful beach and relatively small (approximately 60 m) with a specificity of fine sand which reaches up the hill. It has shade trees. It is 2.8 km from the country (thirty minutes away) and 450 meters from the village of Messaria (five minutes walk). It has restaurants and food or drink should come in Messaria or country.

-Algae: And here the beach is small (length about 30 meters) with beautiful turquoise waters and seabed. There are trees in development, no shops. 3.1 km from the town and thirty five to forty minutes away.

-GEROLIMIONAS: nice big bay with a rocky coast, ideal for snorkeling depths, small sandy beach, just 15 meters long, is anyone catch. Landscape for nature lovers and hikers, 3 km from the town and thirty minutes away. Dirt road and trail, trees and branches.

-SIFNAIIKO: Handsome bay, no beach, desert, ideal for snorkeling and hiking. Former pirate haven in the cave "Maroussi." It is 2.2 km from the town, twenty minutes away and difficult area for the last 800 meters The nearest shops are in the harbor "Mersini" twenty minutes away. The road is half asphalt and the rest of the dirt road and trail.

-Mersin (BACK SAND): This is the beach at the back of the port with shade trees and is mainly used by the visitors with yachts due to the harbor and beyond (60 m approx.) There is special because it is quiet but close to the port and passage of local residents. A last-minute bathroom before boarding the ship. Nearby there are food and beverage outlets.

-PENINSULA: On the southwest side of the island you will find even five beautiful beaches but because of ownership, the road stops at the Peninsula and a visit to the beautiful beaches such should follow the rocky coast or the right or the left side of the peninsula. At the end of the beach trail starts Meadow, just below the pigeon (one of two of the island), which leads to the beach Ammoudaki the Garbi. This beach is 5 minutes walk from Livadia beach, located on the right side of the peninsula is sandy and low (25 m length), but no trees are very beautiful and quiet. If someone wants to follow the same path to the other beaches of the peninsula will not do it because there are cliffs and forced to climb higher, to enter into the interior of the peninsula and found in the private area. So for someone to go to other beaches should go on the east side of the peninsula by following the rocky coast until they reached the beach Santorinaios, which has lovely beaches and great depths. From there again Vrachia Vrachia arrive at the beach pier. This beach is sandy and without trees there if you are keen divers, the adventure begins for snorkeling. Then you arrive at the beach of St. Basil. It is relatively large in size (110 m approximately) and specificity is of fine pebbles, which is unique to the island. Also on this beach, like all the other beaches can go very fast with an inflatable boat. This whole area is unique for snorkeling. The time to approach these beaches is purely personal, because of the specificity of the region.

-FIDIOU: Ideal and secluded beach on the island opposite. Suitable for nudity, with a nice sandy bottom, with no trees (40 m approx.) Visited only by boat or by swimming. Around the island does not last more than a half hour if you do not stop for a swim in one of the secluded beaches. We always recommend the circumnavigation of the island by tour boat and why not in some cases short excursions to nearby islands. This way you approach often easier, the secluded beaches, while gaining an insight of the topography of the island and "any" secrets. Try it and you'll find that most times you will find your own beach, usually not accessible by any path, only from the sea.