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What is an Augmented Reality App? How we create?


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What is Offshore Development Center and How Does It Function?


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Is It Better To Staff Augmentation Or Consulting Services

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Article ##itoutsourcing, #Staffaugmentation, #Outsourcing
Importance Of HIPAA Compliances For Outsourcing Partners

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a landmark piece of legislation, but why is HIPAA important? Read the blog to learn everything about HIPPA in depth.

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Article ##NFTs, #Metaversedevelopment, #Metaversetechnology
How To Market Your NFTs In 2022 - The Ultimate Guide

To know more about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) the complete information & how it will used for branding & marketing your business. Just click here.

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Article ##ARTechnology, #ARApps, #ARkit
How To Develop Augmented Reality IOS Apps Using ARkit

Augmented reality is fast becoming the new way to interact with your devices, and Apple's ARKit development framework is making it easier than ever to build your own AR applications. Read our article to find more about it.

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Article ##VRdevelopment, #VRsolution, #VRtechnology
7 Myths About Virtual Reality You Need To Know

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has inspired many people to react with skepticism or excitement. Some experts are skeptical of what VR can offer and others see it as an opportunit

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Article ##metaversedevelopment, #metaverseconsulting
Metaverse Real Estate Is It Worth The Investment

Many are speculating about what the Metaverse real estate is, and though it has many murky details, it's clear we've only just heard the beginning of the story and we are about to hear a lot more about it in the very near future.

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Article #AugmentedReality, #AR, #TECHVED, #ARInBFSI, #BFSI
Know How Augmented Reality Is Transforming BFSI Industry

We have heard the buzzword “Augmented Reality”, but do you know how it became so popular? And why everyone is in the race to adopt this tech called AR?

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Article ##ARTechnology, #AugmentedReality
Need of Augmented Reality Strategy in your Business

The business sector is constantly evolving, and with the introduction of VR technology, the working model of businesses have changed. Read how AR strategy can transform any business to the core and renew it!

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Article ##ARContent, #AugmentedReality
Best Ways To Create & Deliver AR Content

AR content is going to become more and more common, and that means you will have more opportunities to make your business thrive with AR skills. Read out our latest article on AR content to know more.

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Article ##VRLab, #VREducation, #VRdevelopment
Setting A Virtual Reality Lab: What You Need To Know

Online classrooms, VR labs are such innovations that made the process of learning easier. Check out our new article to know more about this and how to set up your own virtual lab.

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Article ##staffaugmentation, #teamaugmentation
Staff augmentation services: can help your start-up

Know how staff augmentation can help your business succeed within timelines. Check out our latest blog and read more to understand it well.

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Article ##staffaugmentation, #teamaugmentation
Challenges Of Staff Augmentation & How to Solve Them

Augmenting your team is not as easy as you may think. You need to be aware of the challenges involved in it and make sure you are equipped with the right skillsets to handle them. Check out our latest blog for more insights.

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Article #StaffAugmentation, #TeamAugmentation
Understand How To Create Staff Augmentation Proposals

The demand for staff augmentation has increased significantly, and the need for potential partners in the professional staff augmentation space has never been greater. Check out our latest article to know how to create staff augmentation proposals for your business.

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Article ##VRdevelopment, #VRsolution, #VRtechnology
VR Future - Latest Market Trends & Challenges

As the VR industry expands, new technologies and significant advancements follow. This may be thrilling for some people and intimidating for others. Check out our blog to know more about VR, the recent trends, and challenges.

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Article ##StaffAugmentation, #TeamAugmentation
How Staff Augmentation Model Works For Businesses

The need to solve immediate resource shortages, budget restrictions, and personnel restrictions led to the development of staff augmentation. When expertise was needed for urgent and brief engagements, this technique benefited businesses the most.

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Article ##staffaugmentation, #teamaugmentation
Staff Augmentation Fastest Way To Hire New Talent

Simplifying workflow and productivity has always been the first ask & priority for every company. This can be done in a number of ways, such as hiring new employees, outsourcing teams, or using software to automate tasks

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Article ##VRdevelopment, #VRsolution, #VRtechnology
VR in Real Estate - Solving Industry Biggest Challenges 

AR VR in real estate is a powerful tool that creates compelling experiences for buyers, and it allows real estate professionals to showcase properties and homes digitally from anywhere across the globe.

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Article ##VRgaming, #virtualrealitygames
Will Virtual Reality Be The Future Of Gaming?

At the speed in which technology develops, it's possible that the future of VR holds something totally different for gaming industry. To know how VR is changing the the gaming sector, read the blog..!

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Article ##VRdevelopment, #VRsolution, #VRtechnology
VR Development - Is your Business Ready For Innovation

With an emerging technologies, the gigantic businesses are becoming more advance and dynamic. To know how VR is transforming the businesses to the core, read the/our blog..

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Article ##metaversedevelopment, #metaverseconsulting
Metaverse – The Start of a New Era of Government Services

Metaverse is taking over the world! It was a sudden sensation when Facebook changed its name from 'Meta' to reflect their deep belief in Metaverse and how serious they take it.

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Article ##staffaugmentation, #teamaugmentation
Top 5 Trends of IT Staff Augmentation

The massive surge in the use of contingent employees has been one of the most significant developments for global companies. Check out the top trends in Staff augmentation that are leading to productivity.

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Article ##VRdevelopment, #ARsolution, #VRthemepark
A New Dimension Of Fun – Are VR Amusement Parks The Future?

Virtual reality theme parks and attractions provide tourists with a unique experience that is different from traditional and conventional theme park attractions.

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Article #AugmentedReality, #AR, #ARSolutions
The Past, Present and Future of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an advanced technology that allows users to experience and interact with the real world in real-time, using digital objects blended into our physical surroundings.

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Article #AR, #MobileAR, #Tech
Breakthrough of AR Technology in Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality has become a boom in the past few years ever since Pokemon Go was launched in the market.

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Article #NFT, #DigitalArt, #Crypto
NFTs: Are they a trend or will they be the future of business?

Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs) have been the subject of a lot more attention lately.

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Article ##DigitalTransformation #DigitalTransformationSolut
Rise Of Digital Transformation In The Hospitality Industry

Digital transformation solutions have changed the way you deliver service & manage your business. It is reaching & enhancing many industries. In this article, read how digital transformation services have changed and impacted the hospitality industry.

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Article ##usabilitytesting, #userresearch
Does Usability Testing Beneficial For Business

Usability Testing allows business to enhances user expectations & product experiences with better understanding.

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Article ##usabilitytesting, #userexperience
How Usability testing is different from User Acceptance testing

User testing and usability testing are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two. User testing is a broader term that can refer to any type of testing that is done with users, while usability testing specifically refers to tests that are

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Article #Neumorphism
Neumorphism: The ruling UI Design trend

It is important for businesses to keep up with the new UI trends in order to remain competitive.

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Article #accessibility #compliance #webcontent
Pillars of Web Content Accessibility (WCAG)

WCAG allows to mould how your digital content is provided to your audience for their convenience.

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Article #HumanizedAI #ArtificialIntelligence
Understanding Humanized Artificial Intelligence

AI is a technique of getting machines to work and behave like humans. For, past few years, AI has been used in diversified fields like healthcare, banking, marketing, robotics, and many more.

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Article ##metaversedevelopment, #metaverseconsulting
Ethics of working with Metaverse Development company

Metaverse is the future of digital interactions. Read more about what ethics needs to follow to work with metaverse development company to gain desired results.

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Article #chatbot, #multilingualchatbot, #multilingualbots
The Need Of Multilingual Chatbots In Modern Business World

Chatbots are evolving into something that customers and businesses want, such as going local and speaking to customers in any language they want

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Article ##metaverse development, #metaverse services
How Metaverse Development Strategy Works?

To learn about what is Metaverse Development? How to strategize a Metaverse based business model to obtain expected results

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Article #AR/VR
5 ways AR/VR is changing the User Experience Landscape

Digital experiences are reshaping customer expectations, their way of perceiving information and redefining their interaction & engagement with the virtual world.

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Article #StaffAugmentation, #TeamAugmentation
Team Augmentation: The New Name In The Game

Team Augmentation means increasing your team from outside. That is hiring outside professionals on a temporary basis to increase the capacity of your team.

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Article ##metaversetechnology, #metaversecomponents
Metaverse Overview | Technology | Theory & Components

Metaverse is the most trending word in the technology and digital industry today. Understand the detailed overview of this technology.

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Article #AugmentedReality, #VirtualReality, #Innovation
Top 7 AR Trends in 2023 - Must Know

Augmented Reality technology is becoming more and more popular among consumers from around the world.

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Article #UIDesignTips, #UXDesignTips, #BestUIDesignTips
7 Tips For Best UI UX Design

Planning a successful virtual event needs a lot of planning. Although even hosts never fail to overlook...

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Article ##RedesignAWebsite, #RevampingWebsite
Why Its Important To Redesign A Website

Design is representing of intent and is generally connected to terms like creativity and innovation or often seen as a form of an art.

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Article #DigitalTransformation
5 Golden rules for Digital Transformation

This post gives you five rules to ensure you have a successful Digital Transformation journey.

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Article ##LeadGeneration, #LeadGeneration Strategy
Know About The 4 L’s Of Lead Generation

Lead Generation can be referred to as a process which involves reaching out to people and creating brand awareness.

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Article ##metaverse development, #metaverse services
Impact of Metaverse Development In The Future Digital World

TECHVED - Understand the meaning of metaverse development process & its impact on todays digital technology world.

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Article #AugmentedReality, #AR, #TECHVED, #ARInIndustries
How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing every Industry

How convenient it would be if someday, we can control all the functionalities just with their hand gestures or head nod and voice commands.

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Article #AR Filters, #Branded AR Filters
Innovate Your Brand Canvas with AR Filters

Augmented Reality is a technology where computer-generated images enhance objects in the real world.

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Article #Conversational IVR, #IVR, #Traditional IVR
Establishing Conversational IVR: The Future is Now Here!

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of conversational IVR, its benefits, and an insight into how enterprises across the globe are implementing this technology.

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Article #Digital Banking, #Banking Bot, #Chatbot in Banking
Chatbots in Banking: Benefits, Use Cases and Case Studies

Chatbots in Banking sector continue to evolve at a great extent, there are many financial institutions around the globe adopting Conversational AI for banking

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Article #chatbot, #chatbotmarketing #chatbotbusiness
AI Chatbots & Marketing Tips for 2022-23

To learn 5 chatbot marketing tips with detailed chatbot marketing strategy plan. Have a look at chatbot digital marketing examples to explore bot advertising.

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Article ##metaverse #ai #chatbot #vr
Top 4 implications of Conversational AI in the Metaverse

As the metaverse continues to evolve, so too does the role of conversational AI. In this blog post, we explore how conversational AI is being used in the metaverse and the potential implications for the future.

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Article ##metaverse #nft #crypto #nfts #meta #cryptocurrenc
Metaverse News – Impact of NFTs on Real World Physical Assets

NFTs are a new type of asset that have been gaining in popularity recently. But what are they and what impact do they have on real world physical assets?

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Article #Metaverse, #Future, DigitalCX
Metaverse – The Future of Digital CX Transformation

Metaverse is taking over the world! It was a sudden sensation when Facebook changed its name from 'Meta' to reflect their deep belief in Metaverse and how serious they take it.

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Article #AugmentedReality, #AR, #TECHVED, #ARMarketing
Why Augmented Reality Marketing is the Future

AR is just not about games or entertainment, but it already showed its potential among diversified verticals.

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Article #AugmentedReality, #AR, #TECHVED, #EduTech
Step Into The Future Of Education With Augmented Reality

The way we learn is changing at an unprecedented rate. The world's traditional learning model is about to be rewritten thanks to Augmented Reality.

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Article #AI, #2021, #industries, #artificialintelligence
Top 5 industries to experience dynamic change via AI in 2021

Artificial Intelligence has long changed the course of various industries throughout the world.

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Article #diversity #multilingual #india
Multilingual apps play an important role in Digital Banking!

It is time that industry 4.0 caters to regional language consumers.

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Article #design
Why Is Everyone Talking About Diverse And Inclusive Teams?

Today, organizations are striving for strategies that have the capability to drive innovative results and can increase the overall efficiency.

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Article #Neumorphism
All the buzz about Neumorphism in UI design

In changing and revitalizing digital experiences, the design trend plays a great role.

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Article #microservice
Micro-Service: Why is it important?

Have you ever heard of the word Micro-service? This is not a general term that most people are aware of. But, it is increasingly used in the development world and gaining popularity for its incredible features.

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Article #ChatbotTrends
Trends of Chatbot in 2021

New trends and innovations are also in the line. We are constantly growing and upgrading, and so are the trends.

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Article #ProductManagement #product #design
Empathy The Core Component Of Product Management

The meaning of empathy is pretty simple- the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The difference of meaning changes when we use the word in terms of business. Today people are using empathy in their business too, but how it is used?

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Article #Ecommerce
The Rising of E-commerce

The e-commerce industry has faced a variety of obstacles, including product pricing, delivery time, packaging issues, and not overlooking strong competition from offline stores.

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Article #UserExperience
Regionalization of UX - Content & Interaction Perspective 

Regionalization means considering the entire context of people’s different needs in other parts of the world. Over here, we are talking about the regionalization of User Experience.

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Article #HRMS
HRMS - Revolutionizing Management

Human Resources(HR) is one of the most important departments of a company. This particular department acts as the backbone of the company. Their main task is to manage the entire workforce of the company.

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Article #TheKeytoSustainableSuccess #conversionrateoptimiza
Conversion Rate Optimization-The Key to Sustainable Success

Today, most businesses are focused on driving traffic towards their websites in hopes that the traffic will convert into qualified leads for sale representatives to close in on. The cycle continues and business continues to grow as well.

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Article #Chatbots #educational
AI Chatbots- The Game Changer For Educational Mobile Apps?

A chatbot is a buzzword that every business, organization, small enterprise, etc has adopted currently.

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Article #CustomerExperience
An Overview Of Best Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the term used for the impression your customers have of your brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buyer's journey. It results in uplifting your brand and revenue cycle.

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Article #DesignThinking
Design Thinking at Your Service!

This post is about design thinking and how it is helpful for companies to innovate themselves at every phase to stay ahead of the competition.

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Article #DigitalTransformation
Top 3 Core Principles of Digital Transformation

We have been hearing about Digital Transformation and how it is helping organizations across the world uplift their business for the better.

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Article #LeadGeneration
Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies

Every business wants to grab the attention of their potential customers and get quality leads to increase their ROI and overall business revenue.

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Article #RemoteUsabilityTesting
Best Practices For Remote Usability Testing

This post is about the benefits and best practices of conducting Remote Usability Testing.

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Article #UsabilityTesting
What is User Research and Usability Testing and How are they different from each other?

User Research and Usability Testing are both adopted by businesses to enhance the entire user experience the audience has with a brand.

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Article #VideoBanking
Video Banking - What is the hype about?

This post gives you an insight of Video Banking, it's advantage and the hyper surrounding it.

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Article #VideoBanking
Video Banking Is Very Beneficial During The Lockdown

The global pandemic has got millions of people across the globe to self isolate themselves and stay in their homes.

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Article #VideoBanking
Video Banking - The Next Gen Banking Experience

The age old traditional banking services have taken a back seat and the all new digital banking facilities are moving ahead at the speed of light.

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Article #ContentStrategy
Pro-Tips for making the best Content Strategy

Why is it that some writers can so beautifully leave behind their trail in the readers mind but some find it extremely difficult to break the ice?

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Article #UserResearch
User Research - Adapt to Reality

This blog post is about user research and why you should adopt it.

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Article #ProTipsCRO
Conversion Rate Optimization : The Definitive Guide (2020)

This is the most complete guide to Conversion rate optimization. The best part? All of the strategies in this guide are working right now (in 2020)

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Article #MicroInteractions
7 Most Interactive Micro-Interactions For Your Digital Product.

A small interactive response to your activities on web pages and applications are called micro-interaction.

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Article #soundinteraction
Enhance Mobile Interactions With Sound

We expertize in enhancing user experience by responsibly implementing sound interactions in websites and apps.

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Article #DigitalAccessibility
Digital Accessibility - The Future Sales Booster!

The web plays a crucial role in connecting the world to information, services, & other opportunities

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Article #DesignforDigitalBusiness
Design – The essence of digital business!

We all subsist in a vivacious age! Businesses hither are digitalized and advanced with design thinking.

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Article #DigitalAcessibilityMistakes
Do you make these simple mistakes in digital accessibility?

Regulations and compliances are the setups in conjunction with the industry standard..

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Article #UXforAgritech

Farming is the oldest occupations of India where the farmers are the leading producers..

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Article #ChatBotforBusiness
Prioritize your chatbot to maximize your business

Businesses across the globe are shifting the paradigm towards digital transformation. It’s a safe bet that the digital growth in every industry will multifold by 2025.

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Article #UXinBFSI
UX is not just a part of BFSI; it’s the whole of it !

Each industry has its own identity, that’s how the term BFSI came into being..

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Article #Searchbar
Why having a search bar on your site, makes all the difference

In order to build an ideal website, number of factors are considered...

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Article #ChataBuzzword
Why Chatbots will continue to be a buzzword

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the most talked about technology.

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Article #UserBehavior
The Principle of Scarcity to Influence User Behavior

Scarcity is the psychological bias that makes us place a higher value on things that are in short supply.

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Article #UXinDigitalMarketing
User Experience – A major component of your Digital Marketing Strategy

India has seen an addition in the number of startups and is strengthening its position as one of the largest startup ecosystem in the world.

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Article #SnapchatUX
Snapchats UX faux pas A lesson in the basics of UX

Snapchat made design alterations which changed the UX of the entire app. The move was made to streamline stories...

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Article #UXMyths
Debunking the 5 most common UX myths

UX is a buzzword that has made rounds in the design world, advocated and embraced by designers...

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Article #CogntiveFluencyinUX
Cognitive Fluency and its ability to innovate UX

Psychology plays an integral part of user experience design. Designs lose their functionality if they fail to serve the users well or provide a negative user experience.

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Article #UXTrends2017
Rewind of UX trends in 2017 A look back

Last year we observed a lot of trends in UX. New technologies emerged and infused with User Experience. New elements became prominent and a few old and forgotten ones resurged.

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Article #ARinApplications
Why AR will continue to transform the apps in 2018

Augmented Reality is the new wave that is sweeping the digital world. With most of the big tech companies...

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Article #usercentricapproach
Who moved my cheese ?

Thomas Baekdal, a writer and a media analyst, tweeted about the placement of cheese in Googles...

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Article #UPI
Googles Tez entry into the world of payment wallets in India

Internets biggest company has now set foot in the burgeoning market of payment wallets in India.

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Article #SarahahApp
The Latest Social Media Sensation - Sarahah App

Everyone on social media, be it on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter, is talking about the Sarahah app.

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Article #DesignTipstoChatBot
4 Effective Design Tips To Give Life To Your Chatbot

One trait that all humans possess is the conversational nature. We tend to get in a conversation on topics with like-minded people...

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Article #Qualitativedata
5 Examples of Quantifying Qualitative Data

There is an erroneous perception in the UX community that if your method is qualitative, then numbers somehow cannot or should not be used.

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Article #MobileUT
Mobile usability testing - A complete know - how !

With the invention of mobile operating systems, developers have been busy creating apps that can work in sync with its latest versions.

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Article #InterfaceDesignPattern
Interface design patterns - A designers guide

Mobile Design patterns help in fixing most of the problems during web development. Knowing all the right patterns for mobile ui design...

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Article #UXbenefitsinBFSI
How UX can be beneficial for banking and financial sectors ?

UX - For those who are tech savvy, this may be more than just two alphabets written together and for those who aren’t aware of it...

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Article #Diwali
The BIG Diwali Sale triumphs over true essence of Diwali

Diwali The names itself brings in the excitement of lighting traditional lamps all over the place...

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Article #ExperiencedUXAgency
Advantages of hiring an experienced UX Agency

How would you define a good website? The one that has good designs and graphics, the one that has better content...

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Article #UXDesignandDesigners
UX design and UX designer - Their respective perspectives !

Be it a mid-sized business or a start-up, the function of a UX designers or probably their roles are often misunderstood or unclear.

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Article #DesigningaMobileApp
Designing a mobile app ? Say ‘no - no’ to these 4 things !

This blog post is about what precautions you should take while designing a new mobile app as far as design is concerned.

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Article ##StorytellingandDesign
Why storytelling. and design is such a. great combo ?

What makes great products stand tall amidst the mediocre ones? It’s the story or the intent that they bring along.

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Article #MobileUsabilityTesting
Essentials of Mobile Usability Testing

The right way to find out how efficiently your product works is to see people interacting with its functionality.

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Article #MobileUXDesigningTips
Must - have UX tips when designing for mobile

Now that we are in the era of mobile phones, ignoring the user experience perspective of this marvel is truly out of option.

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Article ##CorporateUX
Hunting the corporate giants with UX bazookas - Urgent need!

There are multiple interesting stories revolve around professionals who belong to prominent companies for ui design India.

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Article ##MobileUT
Things to keep in mind while doing mobile usability testing

When conducting mobile usability testing, certain criteria have to be checked as not every product will have similar function...

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Article #PrinciplesofUT
Principles of Usability Testing for Mobile Applications

To deliver a clean, clutter-free and usable website or mobile application along with an effective user interface, it is imperative to carry out...

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Article #PrinciplesofUX
Principles of UX - Things you can not miss out on !

Users look into any product or service expecting a level of honesty from its developers. Things that are introduced...

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Article ##BenefitsofEcommerceUT
Benefits of ecommerce usability testing

Prior launching any ecommerce website, the most crucial part is to test for its usability. Usability testing includes evaluating the features and functionality of the site.

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Article #TrendinginUX
See Whats Trending in UX

Delighting a customer is when Delivering a WOW Experience along with product” with this mantra UX is an inevitable buzzword ...

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Article #UXDesignReturns
User Experience Design-An Investment with Great Return

Users are the core livelihood of a companys products and services. Users come with various needs and wants...

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Article #DelightfulUX
Smile and Happiness The World Wants More

Designs are to Delight. Ensuring a memorable journey for the consumers is our responsibility as designers...

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Article #BusinessUXStrategy
How to grow your Business by monitoring your User Experience Strategy ?

A good User experience strategy can give your customers happiness and make your business successful.

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Article #UsabilityandPerformanceimprovement
Usability and Performance Improvement Statistics

compiled statistics and quotes, supporting the usability argument for website redesign, are grouped into these benefit...

Insight 1
Article #RemoteOnlineUT
Remote Online Usability Testing : Why , How , and When to Use It

By Dabney Gough and Holly Phillips on 2003/06/09. “If you are considering using this technique, it is a good idea to consider the pros and cons before diving in.

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Article ##SucessfulWomenEntrepreneur
From Kitchens to Boardrooms - Working Moms Walk the Victory Lane

Women are splendidly kicking it on in all fields today, be it the corporate world or the sports ground, the glamour world...

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Article #MultimodalInteraction
Multimodal Interaction

Technology has bestowed us with many comforts and luxuries, and made life way easier for us today.

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Article #UXFforSoftwareDevelopment

User experience is an indispensable part of software development and has an immense impact on the success of the software.

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Article #LeadershipAwards2013
Business Leadership Awards 2013

Business Leadership Awards 2013 (News release report) Source: Worldwide Achievers Pvt. Ltd

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Article #UXinDailyLife
User Experience in Daily Life

In today’s life we thrive solely on the products, services and various facilities that are available to us thanks to technology and development. We should be thankful for all the inventions...

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Article #UsabilityTestingandTrendAnalysis
Usability Testing Vs . Trend Analysis

The other day whilesurfing the internet I happened to realize how usability of a website could vary from cinch to complex. Browsing some of the sites was a cakewalk...

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Article #WebsiteandUXdesignerdifferences
What makes Website Designer and User Experience Designer Different

It’s funny that earlier I wasn’t aware about the difference between a website designer & a UX designer and today as a...

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Article #TravelUX
Travelling to India : A User experience

I have been quite enthusiastic from the moment I decided to move to Mumbai - a city where people from every corner of the world are dwelling; says a friend from Mumbai. I also heard it is the economical hub of India.

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Article #Redesigning

When overhauling a User Interface, what do you think are the most critical bits of information!!

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Article #SEOtipsforEcommerce
2013 E - commerce SEO Tips

If you have an e-commerce website, it is most important for you to grab the attention of lots of visitors and turn...

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Article #UXDesigners
Are male ux designer better than female or vice versa

While men and women can reach similar conclusion and make similar decisions, why there is still gender difference...

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Article #BankingUX
indian banking sector on ux

Banking services stops not only with the websites. It is one among those sectors which has different delivery channels...

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Article #UXDideas
Looking Beyond Designing Interfaces

Imagine yourself waking up to the chirping of birds and warm sunlight illuminating your face. What a lovely day it would be!

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Article #UserSatisfaction
User Satisfaction vs Performance Metrics

Users generally prefer designs that are fast and easy to use, but satisfaction is not 100% correlated with objective usability metrics.

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Article #PopCore
PopCore : A system for Network-Centric Recommendations

PopCore: A system for Network-Centric Recommendations is a research thesis by Meethu Malu, Sr. UX Designer at TECHVED Consulting.

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Article #UXDrivesBusiness
Understanding how UX drives business

Good design is simple, beautiful, and easy to use. It creates a sense of purpose and of place. It anticipates and...

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Article #TipsforVisualDesigners
Top 5 tips for Visual Designers

To decrease the file size and to make the website lighter use backgrounds that can be repeated vertically, horizontally or both.

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Article #BestHTMLPractices
HTML Best Practices, Part–2 (3 - part series)

Important things to remember for UI developers & Software developers while writing HTML..

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Article #BestHTMLPractices
Html best practices part 1 - 3 - part series

Important things to remember for UI developers & Software developers while writing HTML.

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Article #ChooseUX
Why should you choose UX over fluff Advertising

Having worked for over a decade and 5 years of operating my own business and after having met numerous clients, I am probably a tad bit...

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Article #EmotionalDesign
Emotional design – (People Involvement)

Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things by Norman explains “How important emotions is to everydays life”.

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Article #DesignGuide
Design guide by the people for the people of the people

User research has become increasingly popular in India lately with strong penetrating roots of technology in the daily life.

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