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We offer high-quality web app designing & development services that ensure highly scalable & secure web apps for the best user experience.

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Web Design and Development Company

We build websites that work specific to your business! With the skills to make your website design look good and perform well, we cater it all from design-led static websites to full CMS. Our design team works diligently to make outstanding user interfaces & applications for your website. 

We re-design digital assets for our clients

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We enhance the user experience for our clients
UX/UI Research

Web UX/UI Design

We create feature-rich and engaging UX/UI designs for the best user experience

Information Architecture

Front-end Web App Development

We provide best in quality Front-end web app development.

UX/UI Design Strategy

Backend Development and Integration

We develop high-quality backend solutions and integrate them seamlessly with other tools that you might be using in your business.



We run user tests to ensure that our app prototypes have optimum usability and efficiency.

Creative Direction

Data Migration

We offer complete data migration service from old website to the newly design; this ensure a seamless user experience.

Content Strategy

Data Security

We prioritize data security and ensure safety from cyber threats.

Interaction Design

Cross Platform

We create web apps that work seamlessly across multiple devices and systems.

Design Specification Documents

End-to-End Services

We develop web apps right from the scratch to live.

Why TECHVED Web design and development Services?

Whether you run a big company or a small business, hiring a professional web app development company will help you to create an engaging website. Our web design experts and developers strive diligently to research and deliver complete web development services that will have a significant impact on the image of your brand.

  • Dynamic and Proven Methodology
  • Expert Web Developers and Designer
  • Engaging Websites UI/ UX 
  • Clearly Defined Development Process
  • Customized Web Solutions
  • World-Class Professional Support
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We create remarkable experiences

Our web app development process has a journey built around it. With our innovative solutions and best-in-class services, we ensure that our clients take pride in working with us and always lead the curve.

  • Safe and Scalable Applications
  • Fast and Intuitive Design
  • Tailored To Needs

Fast And Intuitive

Our web apps are highly user-centric optimized with highest engagement and convenience quotient.


Safe And Scalable Applications

We ensure optimum safety and efficiency of our engineered apps for an excellent user experience as well as security.


Tailored To Needs

We cater state-of-the-art web apps to perfectly fit all your business requirements, helping you excel in the domain.

Why Web App development is Important?

Web app is the perfect solution to achieve the mobile application experience without investing in one. This innovation is ideal to reach out to a larger chunk of audience and offer a remarkable user journey.

Such applications keep the users engaged without the need of commitment. It is also the best way reduce business costs while making full use of digital space.

Why invest in Web Apps?

  • Maximized reach
  • 24/7 availability
  • Always up-to-date
  • Low cost of development

What’s Stats Say


People agree that web app design is the primary factor for credibility of the brand.


Annual increase in sales through web apps.


Users prefer a mobile-friendly web app.


Growth in web app traffic observed in 2021.


Purchases to be conducted through eCommerce web apps by 2040.

Have a look at businesses we have transformed with our innovative solutions

Tata Capital

Created a seamless and delightful user interface for better experience...

Digital Transformation | Web & Mobile | Finance

Kotak 811

Designed a complete digital solution for all banking needs...

Digital Transformation | Research-Led Engineering | Web & Mobile | Banking

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What is Web app?

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A Web app is an application that is stored on a remote server and supplied via the Internet via a browser interface. Web application development services are defined as web apps. Web applications services can be designed for a wide range of applications and can be used by B2B organization to B2C, to an individual. Web apps commonly used may include webmail, online calculators or shops for electronic commerce.

The terms web design and web development are commonly used interchangeably. However, they are two distinct terms with distinct goals. Web design's goal is to make the visually appealing, whereas web development's aim is to create an organized and well-mapped website by incorporating the web design with the website's code. When it comes to creating a website for your company, you want it to be top-notch. 

One usually wants to know how much it will cost before requesting a web application from a developer company. However, without knowing all the project details, it is not possible to name the final price. The cost of web app development depends on many variables, including their complexity, front-end development, characteristics, prototyping, building, redesigning, or migrating web apps. Without examining all details, it is difficult for any development company to tell you the full cost of a custom web app. Furthermore, during web app consulting the price can change more than once, particularly in the case of large, complex projects and custom web app developments.

A Mobile web app is a website with many features. This can be found easily through a search engine and must not be installed on the device in your mobile device browser. The existence of web applications does not allow them to operate without an internet connection or to utilize fully the potential of a mobile device. This gradually changes with the development of the web and mobile app development services. The use of RIA technologies is restricted by simple mobile optimized applications and designed to present data in a readable, action-based manner.

In the browser-supported language, web applications such as JavaScript and HTML usually encode as the languages depend on the browser to make the program running. Some applications are dynamic and need to be processed on the service provider side. Others are static without server processing. To evaluate the performance of web apps, you need information on how end users can see the parameters of your application such as availability, latency, data security, correct execution and quality. There are also web app consulting services that can provide customized , secure and reliable applications. For the web app development services, a web server can administer client requests, an application server can perform requested tasks and, at times, a database to store the information.

Benefits of Web App are:

  • Web applications run on several platforms, irrespective of your OS or device, provided the browser is compatible.
  • All users access the same version and remove compatibility problems
  • Web applications help you to simplify your business processes and provide higher user engagement.
  • They reduce costs for both the company and the end-user. Solves business challenges and enhances user experience.
  • Web app Re-engineering boost business efficiency.

There are many web application development company that use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 to build web applications. In contrast to mobile apps, no standard web app development software kit is available. Web application development services are generally faster and easier to build in comparison to mobile apps, but in terms of features, they are much easier. There is a 4-tier deployment model of development web app which includes Designing & Development and Testing & Deployment that should be familiar to every Web developer. Two things are common to all custom web application development, they are incredibly easy to use and can be customized to meet exact user demands through responsive web app designs.

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